Japanese Fashion Rings


Fashion Rings That Stand Out

One thing that stands out above all when it comes to Japanese fashion is the sheer individuality that breathes out of every category. For anyone with an interest in fashion of any kind, the streets of Shinjuku and Takeshita Dori are replete with shops that offer an innovative take on everything from watches to raincoats, and much more besides. And perhaps most fascinating of all is the range of jewelry that you’ll find on offer from Japanese designers. Every Japanese ring is a conversation piece, whether on account of its practicality or its beauty – or some combination of both.

Innovative Japanese Design

Innovative Japanese designers can take their inspiration from a range of sources, and there are plenty of options on offer in a country which has the history of Japan and also its present and future. Made with ethically-sourced materials, and created by skilled artisans, traditional Japanese jewelry can be impressively ornate and delicate. At the precise opposite end of the scale, Japanese pop culture can also come as an inspiration; those of us who grew up with Pokemon can for sure see the attraction in a ring that depicts Pikachu or any of his counterparts.

Utilitarian Fashion

Perhaps the most interesting category of Japanese fashion rings, though, is found when the love of fashion combines with the country’s well-earned reputation for technology and utility, as you’ll find with watch rings from Pikoo. It’s a simple idea, executed brilliantly. Appropriate for male and female fashion fans, the finger watch is a simple classic of design, a perfectly contemporary digital watch in the heart of a 24-karat gold plated band. 

Variety of Styling

Available in three different color designs – Classic, Ruby and Frosty – the miniature digital finger watch is an ideal accessory for urban outfits. Less chunky and obtrusive than a digital wrist watch, but more ostentatious than a standard ring, it has a perfect fusion of utility and style; it may have a touch of novelty to it, as much of the best Japanese fashion does, but it also offers genuine function. The watch element of the device genuinely keeps excellent time, which is to be expected with Japanese engineering precision.

One Size Fits All

The watches are designed as one-size-fits-all pieces, with the elasticated gold-plated band offering a comfortable fit for any adult hand. They may fit some wearers under the age of 18, but this is not guaranteed. The elasticated band means they are easy both to put on and to remove when needed – so at the end of the night you can take the watch off and store it carefully so that it is not dislodged while you sleep.

Water Resistance

The ring watch is also advertised as being splash resistant; bear in mind that there is a difference between splash resistant and waterproof. While it is perfectly fine to wear these ring watches while brushing your teeth, for example, they will not stand up to being worn while you hand-wash dishes or other similar chores. As long as you remember that, however, the Pikoo ring watch is a delight to wear and to look at.

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